The Journeyman accreditation is for the more skilled & experienced and is the level for the majority of those working commercially, although many enthusiasts are operating at this level. Master is the most exacting standard for the professional, or enthusiast, who, in the opinion of the assessors, shows real flair, aptitude and has extensive experience in their sector.

Please see the Accreditation page for further details

Accredited members in the Journeyman and Master categories may use their accreditation to promote their work commercially. There has been a trend, which we expect to continue, of the standard of members work rising, enabling them to progress to a higher level of accreditation.

Currently the skills accredited are:

An application form for membership or accreditation is available. The Guild will arrange for you to be assessed if you offer any relevant skills not listed above. Even if you do not wish to have your skill(s) assessed at this point in time, or if you just wish to support the Guild in their aims, then you may still join as an associate member.